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The Jorgensen Turner Guide to Selling Your Property

A little effort can go a long way in ensuring that you achieve the maximum interest in your property. Here are our top tips for selling your property:

First impressions

First impressions

You know what they say about first impressions... so, ensure that the front of your property is presented in the best possible light as a prospective purchaser will often pass by a property before making an appointment to view. Having a ‘For Sale’ board at the front of the property will ensure that it is easy for people to find and that the attention is drawn straight to the property. Next, clean the front door and if needed give it a lick of paint.

Spring clean

There's little more uninviting than a grubby home. Get out the mop and bucket, roll up your sleeves and remember to pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom.

A lick of paint

Brightly painted walls might suit your style, but for newcomers, they can detract from the attractive features in your room. For wider appeal, it's a good idea to paint the walls in light, neutral or pastel colours.

The perfect ambience

Clean your windows inside and out so your home catches as much light as possible. For evening visits, use small lamps or sidelights for soft, warm lighting. During the winter ensure that the heating is on and your home is warm and inviting.

Dump the junk

Go from room-to-room and clear out any clutter. Nothing makes a home look smaller than piles of washing, toys and magazines all over the floor. What's more, you're planning to move soon, so it's worth throwing out all your junk. Be ruthless. If it's not necessary, it should be history.

First impressions

Fix 'n' match

Check your home to see if you need to repair or renew anything. Broken doorbells, shelves, and half-finished tiling can leave visitors less than impressed. In fact, why not consider replacing a tired old carpet? It might seem expensive, but it can work wonders for your home.

Hall of mirrors

If you have a dark hallway, hang a good-sized mirror at eye level to make it seem more spacious and increase the levels of light in this area.

Make room

Try to show every room in the way it's intended. Clear the toys from the living room remove shoes from the kitchen and take out the washing from the hallway. If a room is presented as a study and being sold as a bedroom, visitors will see a study!

Pets and Smells

All pets have an aroma. And while you're probably used to your own pet's smell, others won't be. Before a visit, banish any odours from your home and ask a friend to look after your pets while you're showing potential buyers around.

During the Viewing

Let us do the talking! With prior knowledge of what is important to the applicant we know what is important and the order to show the property and to handle all the discussions in order to make an applicant feel at ease. No-one will want to offend you in your home but they may have questions that they do not feel that they can ask you! If you are at home while people are viewing your property let them look round the property again on their own so that they can gather their own thoughts and impressions.

Receiving an Offer

But many people offer a lower price to start with. They may do this because their mortgage lender may not allow them to borrow enough money; they may feel that the property is not worth the asking price or they want to test your reaction. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to take the first offer you get. We will talk the situation over with you and advise you, as our client, of the best course of action.

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